Our Services

The PQC team will separate any defective parts from those parts that meet specification. We can immediately report our findings to you and your customer (if required). This process may assist in determining the cause of the defect. Defective parts can be shipped back to you for further investigation. Parts that meet specification are marked and, if need be, shipped directly to your customer to ease their production needs.

PQC will also act as a liaison between you and your customer by providing onsite representation. In most cases, this beneficial alternative is significantly more cost effective and feasible than sending your own representative (due to time and distance considerations). In short, we work to become your partner to help you control your costs.

Other Services
Additionally, as your partner in quality control and customer service, PQC can provide you with a full range of other services including containment of parts for later shipments or repairs, rework, special reporting, piece work, testing, and much more.